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AIMHO Angle Newsletter
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The AIMHO Angle is a newsletter that is compiled and published by the Marketing Committee several times each year.  The Angle includes information that is pertinent to the association, including regional updates, messages from the Executives and AIMHO committees, conference information, personal reflections from association members, tips and hints from colleagues, and projects and initiatives happening at AIMHO institutions…to just name a few topics.  Everything from the Angle is submitted by staff and students at AIMHO member institutions.  The Angle is a great and easy way to stay up-to-date with AIMHO and learn from your peers! 

The AIMHO Angle is always looking for articles, advertisements, transitions in your department, etc. - you name it, we will publish it!
Submitting to the AIMHO Angle is a great opportunity for professional development, to share something cool that is happening on your campus, and to simply just to connect within the region!  If you are interested in submitting, read through the information below to make sure that you don't miss anything. Then...send us your submission! 


 AIMHO Angle 2019 Schedule

March Issue:

·         15 February—Call for Articles Opens

·         4 March —Call for Articles Closes

·         6 March—Angle Issue Published

June Issue:

·         15 April —Call for Articles Open

·         24 May—Call for Articles Closes

·         1 June—Angle Issue Published

September Issue:

·         15 July —Call for Articles Opens

·         28 August —Call for Articles Closes

·         2 September—Angle Issue Published

December Issue:

·         15 October—Call for Articles Opens

·         25 November—Call for Articles Closes

·         2 December—Angle Issue Published


Choosing a Topic

Writing about a topic that you think people will find interesting can be daunting, we know that.  But...the great thing is that AIMHO members are consistently looking for new information or personal reflections from within the region!  We'd bet that anything you write about will be a hit and members will love to read it!
Some recommendations from us...
  • Write about something that interests YOU.  If you aren't interested in or excited by what you are writing, it will show.  Think about what your passions are in your work life and how your own experiences or reflections can benefit others.
  • Choose something relevant.  The Angle is published several times a year, which offers ample amounts of opportunity for sharing.  But, sometimes a topic that you want to write about may be more relevant in a later issue.  For example, if you have thoughts to share on the job search process, waiting for an Angle issue closer to "job search season" might make more sense than publishing in the middle of the summer.  Other topics, like construction or professional development, can be published year-round!
  • Read through past issues.  Take a stroll through past issues of the Angle and see what has previously been written about.  You might get an idea from something that was written about last month, last year, or several years ago!  You can access previous issues of the Angle here.

Here are some topics that we suggest!

Advising Budget & Planning
Construction Crisis Response
Dining Services Facilities
Living Learning Communities Job Searching
Personal Reflections Personnel Management
Policies & Law Programs for International Students
Skill Sets Social Justice & Diversity
Universal Design Anything Else!
We are also always looking for advertisements for AIMHO going-ons and conferences or professional development opportunities on your campus that are open to the region!
Send us your transitions too!  Changes in personnel happens year round...share your big news with the region!

Writing About It

Now that you have your topic, it's time to write about it!  This probably seems like the most stressful part, but it is also the most fun and interesting part, as well.  You get to OWN what you are writing about - make it you, make it good, make it informative.  Adding some flair or fun to your article can help to keep readers engaged, but don't let it overpower the meaning or information in what you are writing.  Don't worry about length...we will publish it, no matter what!
We recommend writing your submission in a Word document with limited formatting (i.e. single spaced, no extra spaces after paragraphs).  If you want to denote headers or differences in paragraphs, some text formatting is okay (i.e. bold, underline, italicize, differing font sizes).  The less formatting that is done to the document makes it easier for our committee to transition into the Angle.  We promise to spice-up your submission...we will use different fonts, colors and styles as appropriate and with what fits the submission and overall Angle issue.  If you have any formatting preferences or recommendations for your submission, please include those in your email to us.
Pictures! We love pictures!  If you have any pictures or photographs that go alongside your submission - send them too.  We would love to include them in the Angle within your article.

Email It In!

Last it in!  Simply attach your Word document with your submission and any photos/pictures to an email.  In the body of the email, let us know who the author is (if isn't in the submission document) and any recommendations on formatting that you have.  If there is anything else you want to let us know, make sure to include it.
Send your submission to!  You're done - sit back and watch for it in the next Angle!

Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions after reading through this page or you want to submit something more specific, like a small advertisement, just send us an email!  We will be sure to help out and work with you in whatever way we can!

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